So here I am, looking back its been almost 5 years in the making. I always made images sporadically, never really sticking with it for too long until recently. Over the course of the last 6 months I decided to get my act together & put together this website that would act as a showcase of the images I've made & collected.

'A place to call home,' a visual documentary of my time in India, is a no brainer for me to focus on for the first project. The images were made from 2009 to 2014, focusing on different parts of the amazing country I called home for the same period. From the outset I tried to avoid the stereotype of India & try & focus on making images that captured what I loved about the country. It was a tough ask in the end as I was essentially trying to sum up all my feelings about the country, one as contrasting as India, in around 30 images. In the end I went with those shots that meant something to me, a mix that would show the beauty of the country as well as some of my more personal ones......in short it is a letter, a scrapbook of my love & admiration for the place.

With the 'Singles' collection I wanted to try and represent shots from the entire time I have been making images, random and a little chaotic, sometimes beautiful, sometimes stark, they always bring back very poignant memories for me.

There are many projects that are close to my heart that I intend to focus on with this site, hopefully portraying people & their stories & bringing to light some issues that I feel the need to speak on. Photography & making images is still the best voice I have & the best way of expressing myself. I hope if you've taken the time to read this & spend some time on the site that you enjoy.