Where to now....

Firstly if you're reading this thanks for taking the time to stop by, I've been massively surprised and humbled by the reaction to these collections so far.

Its been an interesting time since launching 'The Street Dog Collective,' I wouldn't call it a complete photographic block, I think I just put in so much time into getting this launched and didn't really want to self analyse or critique anymore of my work for a while.

Got a bit of that creative spark back now and looking ahead to my next set of projects, the one I am most excited by is an exhibition that I will be putting on early in the new year, in Singapore, that is looking into the idea of alcoholism and addiction, both of these as well as the idea of arts used in recovery are very close to me. I must admit I am really excited about this, the projects that exist currently on this site are very much documentary/travel/storytelling (or an attempt at), this project will be much more artistic in nature & focus primarily on expressing key themes and emotions. I don't want to give away too much, I am currently developing the concept and will begin shooting in the next fortnight, will post some test shots over the coming weeks for anyone interested.

Got some Lomography prints developed from a recent trip to India, that Diana F, which has seen better days after being banged around various countries in Asia, is always a great way to just go and let loose, not be too concerned with results, its a very meditative way of working. I'm going to get together some shots from recent trips and put them up in the projects section, a way of keeping a visual diary and let you all see what I've been up to while I work on more long term projects. Lot's on, I'm stoked to have all this up and running finally!

Hope you enjoy, thanks again for stopping by.