From where I stand

Shooting with a Diana F film camera has always been great fun and a way of removing the shackles so to speak and letting loose. I find that the manner in which I make images is completely different depending on which medium I use.

I picked this format up more than anything as a way to document the mundane moments around me but I instantly fell in love with the rawness and imperfections that this style has to offer. I'm someone who usually puts an enormous amount of stress on myself, pressures to never fail or let people down, through this style though I had to completely relinquish control of anything, all I could really do was load the film, adjust 2 very basic settings and leave the rest up to the camera and situation.

These are just some of my favourites, those really nice accidental moments. Every image is actually very personal to me given the situations that were taken during. I plan to continue adding to this collection relatively frequently, it will be a diary of sorts and come to represent those moments when I just went out and shot for the shit of it.