There are times when anyone's well of ideas runs dry, no matter how hard one summons they simply cannot feel it. I have had a bit of this over the last 6 weeks, I was still shooting, drawing, writing etc but to be honest I had a dislike of anything that I produced. I don't think it was bad or abnormally different to what I had done previously however I just wasn't feeling it.

I remember from my days as an architecture student a tutor proposing the remedy to this issue, let go, be loose and go look somewhere different for ideas and inspiration.

The world has a funny way of working sometimes, just as I felt I was in need of inspiration, of ideas I had 2 very cool moments that sparked me. 

I was flying recently for a business trip, something which I do on a regular basis and Singapore Airlines did me the courtesy of adding the Vivian Maier documentary onto their collections. I had previously seen her work and read quite a bit about her but the movie was done in a very intelligent and somewhat subtle manner, to be sat in front of that much amazing street photography for 90mins cannot help but inspire. She truly had an amazing eye, she captured the most beautifully honest moments, her framing and ability to connect with a subject is special, if you haven't seen much of her work then check it out.

The other piece of Inspiration again I knew about previously but I will never get tired of looking at, the street photography of Hong Kong by Fan Ho (or Ho Fan). His work is stunning, the light, the geometry, the scale, he captures it all in what seems an effortless action. Sometimes I feel that I am a heavy handed designer/photographer, I'll bullishly go at it, trying to capture a moment. Sometimes that makes for clutter and weight in an image, Fan Ho definitely doesn't have this. It is light, spacious and gets to the heart of Hong Kong back in the day. I have a small love affair with the place, there is something about that city that is special. It truly speaks to being a metropolis, dense, tall, the action on the street is one thing but who knows what's happening in those tall, thin buildings above. As an architect there is something to be said about the geometry and frames that the urban landscape creates, truly a jungle.

I am planning on heading back for a 3 day trip to Hong Kong, let loose and try and capture what makes it special to me. There will definitely be some of Fan Ho and Vivian Maier floating in my mind and the knowledge that if I'm feeling stuck just to go out and explore, to let go and surrender to what is happening around me.