And here we go

Its about to get very exciting. I've recently been working on a series of images that capture the emotions of Isolation. Why? Something that I've been quite reluctant to share previously is that I have had some large issues throughout my life with drug and alcohol addiction.  Its something that day by day I am coming to terms with and accepting as part of my being and I've managed to get a decent number of months clean and sober under my belt.

One of the driving forces behind me being able to stay healthy, clean and focused has been photography, this website was a direct result of this actually. Something that is now very important is putting on an exhibition to raise some money for people in recovery as well as bring to light the issue, which can affect anyone.

I'm really aiming to capture the emotion of isolation and everything that goes with it, the loneliness, darkness, fear and pain. I've steered away from including drug paraphernalia, its about visually representing the mind of someone in deep addiction. 

So far, the shooting, the creating, the organizing has been a beautifully cathartic experience, I've opened up to people, friends and family members, I've slowly started to accept that I will stand next to these images on a wall while calling myself an addict and I'm driven each day to do this for people that are still going through that private hell.

The details are in the News section but it will be in SIngapore from February 6th to 12th at Naked Bar, 95 Club Street. More details and some preview images to follow.