3 weeks to go.....

The final countdown is well and truly on for the exhibition “From Isolation to Solitude: an addicts journey of recovery” that will open in Singapore on the 5th of February. I’m happy to say that I managed to complete all shooting for this in Shanghai recently where the cold and wet weather definitely added to the mood and emotion of the frames…..I’m putting a few images from around Shanghai up on my Tumblr blog shortly so keep an eye out for them.

There is still a lot that needs doing before opening night but I am pretty proud of what I have managed to pull together. Its been a pretty special journey designing and taking the shots, if there has been one thing that’s been truly difficult for me in the past it has been that Isolation and loneliness, the disconnect (which is entirely my own fault) from people, friends and family. There has been a lot of effort and inward focus to try and resolve these issues and on the whole I’m in a decent place.

To try and capture the true pain of this isolation in the images took a lot out of me, I’m really happy that I chose to use myself as the person portraying this, there is a haunting reality to it and I still find it interesting how sad I feel looking at myself…..there is a sorrow and hopelessness that I feel for the person that I was and a pride in the fact that I’m fronting up to this, its quite a juxtaposition.

A month ago I think I had a fear about the event, how would I be portrayed, would people think its about ego, would the images be any good? I am now really looking forward to opening night, I’ve faced those questions in myself, I’m doing this with the aim of creating a conversation, a dialogue about addiction and using photos as a way to express emotions about just how bad it can get…..good or bad, loved or hated, I am at peace with it all….there’s very little I can do to control the rest, I’ve been true to myself and this will come across on the night.

If you’re in Singapore or around please feel free to drop by, its running from the 5th to the 13th of February, open in the evenings (post 7pm) at bar Naked, 95 Club Street. If you are overseas the images will be put up here towards the end of the exhibition dates…..I’m sure you’ll hear more from me prior to opening night.

Am off to edit and select the final frames…..thanks for taking the time to read and best wishes.