I've never studied photography, I've never taken a class so maybe I'm a bit of a fraud calling myself a photographer from time to time. In truth it's just something I enjoy and I find it to be an art form that I can relate to, I can express myself and say things I want to through photography.

Right now I'm in that in-between phase, I have an exhibition in less than 2 weeks and my images are being printed and framed, my heads still buried in the show so what does one do? Well, it's given me a great opportunity to revisit those amazing photographers and storytellers who simply by looking at their work has inspired me to push myself. One day I dream of being able to live from photography and creativity....make images, design buildings/places, create furniture, write music, anything that allows me to express myself, that day to day idea of waking up in the morning knowing that I am creating and being able to tell stories, to open people's minds to issues that are hidden away, to say something important and to make a mark in the world. In many ways all of what I'm doing now are the first steps towards that dream.

Anyway, in case anyone reading this is looking to be inspired by photographers that tell stories, that capture moments that we all wish we could be in, here is list of people that I always turn too, I don't know any of them personally (I don't even live on the same continent as most of them) but it feels like I do sometimes.

Matt Eich:

Alec Soth:

Sarah Naomi Lewkowicz:

Mike Brodie:

Matt Luton:

Andre D Wagner:

Adam Dean:

Brendan Bullock:

I'll update this with some more at a later date, it's a decent first course into the amazing talent that exists in the world. For now I'm getting my head down and continuing this journey, working towards my dreams.....thanks for taking the time to read!