Silence: The Temples of Angkor.....a short but touching visit

Growing up I always felt a connection to lost cities, civilisations and ruins. Maybe it was an overzealous dose of Indiana Jones or cartoons about characters seeking adventure but there was definitely a strong visceral connection that did exist and still does to this day. I still get excited at the opportunity to visit places like Tibet, Northern India and Cambodia, I'm not sure what it is but there is a sense of adventure, of discovery and of escape....a psychologist would have a field day with this!

There is an inherent mystery and curiosity that I long for, so to say I was excited to head to Cambodia to visit the Temples over the New Year period is an understatement. I've been lucky enough in my past to have been a tour guide through Asia, I've seen many of the places that I dreamt of as a young boy but time and again I can revisit them and still feel that giddy excitement, that youthful exuberance that only travel brings.

I traveled with a very close friend of mine, the aim being to show her around the Temples that I had such an affinity for, photography (at least in my mind) wasn't a major priority. I thought if I get a couple of decent shots then I'd be happy.

As we traveled around and explored that excitement came back to me, I found myself in love with the details, in awe of the scale and blown away by the mystery. The dreams of discovery came back and without realising it I was intent on capturing the mystery, the subtle beauty of the Temples and the surrounding area. Having visited the Temples numerous times I found myself less concerned with the 'money shots' and more focused on the small moments. The light that filtered through the carved windows, the texture of the stone and the interaction of people visiting and exploring for themselves.

The finished product, which I thought perfectly suited Black and White as a medium, sums up my emotions and feelings about the place, it captures my dreams of travel and discovery and reminds me of the beauty that lies out there in the world, the places that take me outside of my own existence, that show long forgotten glory and also the beauty in the simplicity of things.

I sincerely hope you enjoy, and remember that traveling takes us out of ourselves, it certainly humbles me and makes me realise just how very small and insignificant I am.