Hitting the Streets

I admire people who can maintain a regular blog, I struggle to put something down every month let alone on a more frequent basis. In saying that it has been a whirlwind 8 weeks, during which time I think I have spent a total of 20 days in my own bed, sounds like a lot but when this is fragmented with 3 days one week, 2 days another the whole concept of one's own place begins to feel foreign.

I'm not complaining about the above, I'm blessed to have a job where I get to travel to some pretty amazing cities and during these travels I have time to get out and explore, most of the time with a camera in hand.

I love cities and exploring them; putting on some decent shoes, grabbing the camera and just walking, never being sure about my direction and never having a destination in mind, quite often being content that I have a train pass with money on it when the time comes to retreat back into the surroundings of a hotel or wherever it is that I'm staying. I use the word retreat, maybe it sounds too harsh, but most of the time after trekking around for a good portion of the day that is exactly how it feels, the need to return back to a base, away from the noise, the constant moving pieces and the general chaos of the urban environment is a great feeling. Normally I retreat incredibly content that I have discovered something that I never knew existed or stumbled across some very subtle interactions between people.

Now that I'm back in my apartment after all of the recent travels I am sifting through the countless images that I collected, not only from the last 2 months but also from a previous trip to Mumbai, with the aims of putting together a 2 volume Street Photography project that will be up here on the website over the coming weeks.

Those subtle moments are in many ways what I was looking for. I'll always remember a trip to Varanasi that I took a while ago, it was anything but subtle and there was a plethora of exciting and interesting moments to capture, moments that I knew would look amazing as an image. However walking the streets of the cities listed above, I do not always come across outwardly intense characters or interactions, this was more about finding those precious moments that we feel and see on a day to day basis, that is life. Essentially, being me and over thinking just about everything I come across, I loved creating stories and scenarios for the people in the frames, they almost became characters in an unwritten story and the majority of the time the stories of love, loss, despair, hope and joy that I created were probably far more dramatic than what they were actually experiencing, but that's part of the fun.

I'm really excited and working pretty hard to finalise the first volume so I can have it up and open for people to look at and interpret how they see it, that's part of the brilliance of photography, I found something, I framed it and people are open to put their own stories, cast their own emotions onto it.

So in a week you should see the first incarnation, until then I'll be putting up some samples on Tumblr and Facebook.