Next steps

The idea of doing a Street Photography project came to me some time ago, seeing I've spent the majority of my adult life in cities bursting with humanity I'm actually surprised the idea hadn't come up earlier. In my mind the idea was relatively straight forward, focus on a specific city then use photography as a means to document the urban environment, that is both the people and the urban nature and geometries of a city. At the end there would hopefully be a manifesto of the city, a set of images that speak to the place and take the viewer through the chaos into the heart of the people and the relationships between.

All good in theory, however I've learnt with many ideas that practicality can make things tougher than expected and the major hurdle for this is that very rarely am I in a city or place for longer than 2 weeks straight, which would create a long and drawn out project.

Knowing full well that patience and focus on a single entity are definitely not my strongest points I have come up with the idea to retain the Street Photography idea but instead of it being on a single city the boundaries would be set by time, in this case 3 months. What I mean, simply, is that I will shoot photography on the streets, wherever I am for the next 3 months and at the end hopefully have a collection of images that although might tell a fragmented story, still have common themes running through.

I'm kind of excited by this, when I look at my travel schedule over the next 3 months it reads anything but stagnant; Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, London, Yangoon, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Mumbai....this is just what I know as a certainty, this could expand, but as foundations it excites me. There are common themes within these places; many of them are dense, seething masses of humanity, culturally rich with stunning contrasts between past and present. There is definitely a theme of colonialism that exists, although I'm not sure how much of this I will focus on in the project.

For me, the real excitement comes from examining the human aspect within these (and any other) places that I visit. The interactions between, the moments of isolation, how people use the cities, I do get very driven when I think of this.

This really is an experiment, I have no forward idea if this will actually come out as something very cool or just a collection of frames from different cities. When I think about this I really like that 'Pulp Fiction' idea, each individual image tells a unique story, it captures an emotion, makes the viewer think, but at it's heart it is it's own piece. But as a series the frames come together to create something quite powerful, making a statement about the cities that we live in.

The unknown and the uncertainty, makes it really exciting....I guess I'll know in 3 months exactly how possible this is.


Also, as an addition, there will be some images of Sydney that I will put up on 'The Street Dog Collective' facebook site:


I carried around a Diana film camera for a few days, to see if I could conjure up images from places where I grew up. It's something that, over time, I really want to look to expand on and each time I come home I intent to shoot with this amazing plastic film camera. The shots I got were mixed, some very cool ones and some pieces of trash, but that's half the fun. That rustic style really does play to what I'm aiming for, which is a chronicle of Sydney now, taken in places where I spent my youth, with people that I have known for many years, on a camera that is very raw and honest.....see how we go.


Thanks for reading.