My name is Matt & I am a maker of visual images based in Singapore. I was born in Sydney & studied architecture at Sydney University before setting off on a chaotic & random journey through Asia, which is still going & has taken me to the likes of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, China & India. I’m far from a professional, I’ve never taken lessons or studied, I just enjoy capturing moments & creating my own projects of people, places, situations & events that are around me.

In many ways photography helps me make sense of the world, I get lost at times in my own mind, living in what could or could not happen. When I am making images however, I get out of that space & into that immediate moment, the now, which is happening right in front of me & feel a sense of freedom.

Of all the arts, photography is the most powerful tool for me in unlocking memories. From a single shot all of my senses fire, I remember the time, place, people, smells, weather & my emotions about the place or situation, I find this to be a life affirming experience.

I still have the fondest memories of being a small child & taking my first ever photograph, a water slide in Australia, the blues against the green of the trees & the afternoon shadows, all captured & frozen in that single moment.

My dream is to have this website as a voice, a way of expressing how I feel about places, people, events & social issues, I’ve tried writing, I’ve tried expressing myself through music but time & again I come back to photography, for me it’s the most visceral art form to say how I feel.

'The Street Dog Collective' for the moment is just a name, a way of differentiating & avoiding getting lost with the many other Matthew Nelson's in the world (look on Facebook & you'll see). Long term however I have dreamt of creating a forum or platform to study the use of visual arts as a tool to help people cope with Mental Illness. From depression to addiction & beyond, I believe there is a therapeutic value in the visual arts in helping people cope & express themselves, it is something very close to my heart. Its a long term vision, will see what comes of it.

All the work on this site is available as limited edition prints & can also be licensed, please feel free to contact me with any requests.

I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to stop by, there are a number of projects in the pipeline so I hope you come back for a visit & ride this crazy wave of life with me.